Cycle training at Holy Cross School, TramoreCycling Skills & Road Awareness Programme

  • Providing a strong cycling skills foundation.
  • Improving pedalling, cornering, balance and braking.
  • Teaching children how to ride safely on the road.

Coach: Dermot Blount

Qualified cycling instructor,

Chairman, Comeragh Cycle Club.

Level 1 Cycling Ireland Coach
– National Coaching Development Programme


undergoing training in school yard at Holy Cross, Tramore


Objectives of a 5 day programme for primary school pupils:

  • To teach cyclists how to start and stop bikes safely and efficiently;
  • Improving control and balance.
  • Teaching how to scan road and look ahead and behind for traffic without swerving or falling off bicycle;
  • Introducing rules of the road;
  • Improving road safety and traffic awareness;
  • Practicing rules of the road;
  • Showing importance of traffic awareness.
  • Each participant is shown how to check bike before sessions to make sure it fits and is in good order.

These bike coaching sessions will bring each participating cyclist to another level of bike competency, minimising the risk of road accidents.