tour2What do I wear?

A pair of runners, tracksuit legs, shorts or preferably cycle shorts are ideal below the waist. A cycle top or t-shirt, long sleeve thermal vest and a windbreaker jacket are important. Even though the duration of our tour is relatively short, it’s good to come prepared.

Do you go out in bad weather?

There’s a famous Norwegian saying: “there’s no such thing as bad weather, but there is bad clothing to suit the weather”. Most of our routes are sheltered from the wind by trees and high ditches, but there are some sections that can be exposed to the weather. When on a bike tour in Ireland it’s good to come prepared.

Do you supply helmets?

Yes, we supply you with quality cycle helmets, and insist on clients wearing them at all times while cycling.

What age groups do you take?

From 14yrs upwards. You’re never too old to cycle your bicycle.

Do I need to be fit?

It helps to be at least moderately fit. Even though our tours are for everybody, having a reasonable level of fitness makes it even more enjoyable.

Where can I carry my things?

Should you wish to bring along a towel, swim suit or some other picnic stuff a small rucksack will be supplied to carry everything required.

What duration are your tours?

The minimum trip we offer is a two-and-a-half hour cycle, leaving Tramore and returning to Tramore. We meet at T-Bay Surf Centre on the main beach in Tramore, bring you off-road to the lakes, woods and Fenor Bog, then along quiet coastal roads along a section of the Copper Coast and back to Tramore.

Is off-road cycling safe?

Yes. The off-road paths we use are mainly forest track and bridal paths. They are a little bumpy in parts but the front suspension softens the impact, and should a cyclist feel uncomfortable on these tracks they can safely get off the bike and walk.

How many people will be in a group?

The biggest size group we take is eight people.

What payment method do you expect?

To book a tour a long time in advance a 20 per cent deposit is required. Online booking details are on the main page of this site. The balance can be paid on-line, or else by cash or cheque – expected on the day of the tour, before we set out.

What time of the day do the tours leave?

There are morning, afternoon or evening tours. The time of departure is flexible enough to suit our clients’ situation. But once a meeting time is arranged we expect you to be there on time.

Can we stop to take photos, etc?

Tramore Bike Tours encourage clients to stop as often as they want. This is your tour, to be enjoyed at your pace.